Waterfall drop fly along the waterfall light dance

Waterfall drop is a branch out from upstream in outdoor adventure sports. And upstream movement in the opposite direction, waterfall descending from upstream to downstream, from the edge of the body falls under the jump rope, or sailing downhill.

Remember the movie “The Myth”, the Jackie Chan for the solution of the mystery of dreams, inviting scientists who plays Tony’s dreams in Great Falls, and he broke into the cave temple waterfall rapids, to find the scene of Kim Hee dreams? Even Jackie Chan have said, waterfalls and rapids have incalculable human lethality, so he and staffs to muster great courage and action scenes do more than 100 times preparations.It is so daunting Great Falls, but now it has become a challenge enthusiasts waterfall drop objects.

Waterfall drop, by definition, is along the waterfall decline, during which the water to resist the enormous impact, but also coordinating body, the smooth cliff looking foothold, so the sport than the average rock fall more challenging. Waterfall down the most commonly used technique for the decline, down device for use falls down, but also must have the sliding and climbing method. Because in some locations with large water falls, need to be adjusted routes, select a smaller place through the water, so that only downward control technology is not enough. If the lack of physical strength, you can start with some small waterfalls and even Ravine Getting Started.

Waterfall drop, requires not only skills, but more important is courage.

Novice Class

1 In the waterfall falls down before the gap and the need to be familiar water temperature, while making adequate warm-up exercise.

2 Learning to climb protective equipment use, including seat belts, helmets, locks, down and so on.

3 Waterproof clothing choices in lightweight, breathable, easy to dry nylon fabric is appropriate.


The joy of fishing out of Clay and Desert

The Northern Territory has many world- class natural fishing ground, there are numerous artificial fishing grounds. Abundance of wetland plants, wide tidal rivers, mangrove -lined estuaries, islands and hundreds of miles, never damaged coastline, these are a paradise for fishing enthusiasts longing.

From north to south , all the way to enjoy the joy of fishing
The Northern Territory’s tropical capital city Darwin, surrounded by the sea: the West is ambitious Darwin Harbour. North of the Timor Sea to the east is the clear, shallow bay beach. No matter which direction, there are always a leeward fishing locations. There are countless anglers who will take the vessel towards the sea.

In dry season, when many fishing enthusiasts from around the world rushed to Darwin to participate in fishing competitions, groups of Spanish mackerel and long tail tuna in the blue waters of the shuttle, is the best c for fishing. In the relative calm of October to December, swordfish and marlin are a good c; while in the Northern Territory suffered welcome reef fish, such as black and gold snapper fishing can fill the whole year.

Depart from Darwin, along the Stuart and Arnhem highway speed is 70 kilometers east of the Adelaide River. Will often see a vehicle on the road the car dragged behind a boat, it is surely going fishing people. Adelaide River mouth areas, often have a huge volume of barramundi haunt, especially in the wet season. In addition to lung fish, mud crab meat fat people are often the target.

About two hours drive from Darwin, Mary River wetlands, is both a good place for fishing, but also regarded as close to nature is a good choice. Midnight the night to join an Aboriginal guide to follow a thrilling night, in addition to a good booty in the bag, there are hundreds of species of wild animals, plants can be uniquely close, the booming northern tropical daylight.

Farther south line, is a tropical desert meets Catherine regions. Legend of the Daly River (Daly River) is the most commonly harvested giant Northern Territory Barramundi region. Covered on both sides of the long river monsoon rainforest, tall Melaleuca species. These lush vegetation of lungfish provides good natural habitat. In addition, the Daly River prohibits commercial fishing practices, is reserved exclusively for anglers fishing area. However, the annual October 1 to January 31 of the low tide period, the waters prohibit all recreational fishing activities.

Quarter quarter harvest, never fall
The waters around the Northern Territory provide year-round fishing opportunities, but in different seasons in different regions have different target species. We generally do not like the division four seasons, the Northern Territory has their unique distribution of fishing seasons: the wet season, overflow season, dry season and accumulation season. Arrangements in accordance with the experience of the locals fishing trip, make sure you catch the fish quarter after quarter, and never in vain.

The northern part of the New Year is often accompanied by monsoon rains , bringing a vibrant scene . This is why the January to mid-March. This time was known as the ” wet season.” Abundant rainfall during this time, the rain the main river channel and communicating with dead, dead fish is in the river you can swim to the main river to go foraging.

In the wet season, the place Barramundi fishing is covered with mangrove creeks and estuaries, such as Darwin Harbour. Wet season fishing is entirely dependent on the weather conditions, but in the monsoon when intermittent, or has the opportunity to capture the offshore reef fish such as golden snapper, black big grouper, snapper, cod, salmon and red coral emperor fish.

The annual March and April, the monsoon rain dissipated relief , rivers began to recover its original shape, the overflow from the flood plain of the river into the sea. Then just keep rivers and estuaries , you can harvest a big : With the water level drops , the fish are from the original habitat gradually migrate to the sea water level stable ; aquatic river from the plains to the sea is also the process of being brought away from the flood plains to the mouth of the position , and to those that feed on aquatic organisms are also a large number of fish in the main channel of the estuary . So every year in March and April, there will be a large number of fishing enthusiasts come to race on.

This is a good fishing season. Whether offshore reef fish or sail the ocean, will have a good harvest, but there has species will let you surprise. The water is clear coastal mangroves and estuaries are still barramundi main habitat.

In the dry season, the Northern Territory Fisheries Research Institute will be in the Mary River wetlands for barramundi were detected, the number of fish and assess lung health, in order to ensure sustainable development of fisheries resources in the Northern Territory.

From October to December is a prelude to the next round of the monsoon season. Rainfall is the accumulation, the temperature slowly rising. A few months later, he came to the accumulation of the Northern Territory’s best fishing, the most popular barramundi fishing in increasing clouds and rain in the beginning, especially in saltwater estuaries and freshwater low water level segment.

Barramundi breeding season begins around October each year, larger fish breeding females from the lungs and the relatively small volume of adult males gather lungfish spawning and foraging in the estuary. Although it is a great time fishing, but in order to maintain the continuation of the lung fish breeding, anglers will release breeding female lungfish carefully.

What are advantages and disadvantages of cheap travel deals

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages of a comprehensive vacation. Buffet breakfast you can experiment with a variety of foods. The service is always good. Many activities are included in the package. Vacation scuba has diving, snorkeling and many other water sports. There are several types of activities, such as swimming, tennis and golf, which may be included in the package.

Good deals to buy all included in Disney World, which includes many activities. Some include visits to water parks, biking and horseback riding. There is also a mini golf course for golf lovers. They offer a free shuttle back and forth, and not to worry about renting a car, what an additional expense.

Family with older children can appreciate all inclusive and skiing in the Rockies or a trip to a ranch “in Arizona. Whatever your likes and dislikes, you can enjoy activities for all. The all-inclusive holiday., You need your target, learn online.

All inclusive vacation in Cancun sounds like heaven. Resort on the reef in front of the main island is different from the usual hotels in downtown Cancun. But you may be subject to sales pitches to buy cheap timeshare resorts. What you thought was the perfect holiday turn into a nightmare if we know that some places, workers still expect a tip to know, even if notice to the contrary. Tipping is also you that little bit extra to get the service. In plants, there is a Council of banks around the world. Tipping is banned in some stations and you need to know in advance what you are going to the station.

Another disadvantage of the all-inclusive holiday is that after reaching the resort, everything you do have to be paid and some stations have also restricted access to activities. If you are not careful, you have that the holidays will help you away from it all may actually turn into a journey that is restrictive and expensive. A trip to the continent and the only feature offered by some packages. This means they get to and from the train station to go home. All other visits and excursions are your C and you have to pay for it.

Allin-clusive holidays offer you cheap, but you must be sure that if you go all inclusive. There are available online for vacationers to gather information about their target many resources. You should check the prices before booking. Tourists need to do some research on the Internet. In the locality, and regularly compare services and those that are available on the all-inclusive “. Different package must be clear and well worth the money it costs.

If there is a budget vacation, package deals are the best option. For a small fee, include all-inclusive vacation packages flights, luxury accommodation, food and drinks and resort activities. These cheap-travel deals are great if you have teenagers, because they are not a big problem, and regardless. All inclusive are also a free tour or two and a holiday.

With the all-inclusive, you do not need to spend anything else, unless you want to feel themselves or the urge to go buy souvenirs.